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Assembling and maintaining equipment involves the meticulous assembly of parts and components to create a piece of equipment that not only lasts long but also serves its intended purpose with mechanical integrity. Diagnosing and making repairs, on the other hand, demands a keen understanding of mechanical integrity and a skilled touch, ensuring that each fix restores both integrity and function, preserving the longevity and operation of equipment.

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We strive to be a partner you can count on from planning to execution with industry leading services at a competitive rate.


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We specialize in precision machinery installation, maintenance, and repairs, ensuring seamless operations across various industries. Our expert team excels in the assembly and disassembly of industrial machinery, offering comprehensive services that range from equipment alignment and installation to grouting, overhauls, drilling, tapping pumps, compressors, etc. With a commitment to excellence, we deliver tailored mechanical expertise to optimize the performance and longevity of your critical assets.

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Rotating Equipment

Rotating equipment encompasses a diverse array of machinery, from turbines and pumps to motors and gears, characterized by dynamic motion critical to industrial processes, where precision and reliability are paramount.



From drilling and tapping new holes to drilling broke bolts, we've got you covered. We even offer core drilling services.


Turbo Machines

Turbo machines, such as turbines and compressors, harness the power of high-speed rotating blades or impellers to efficiently convert energy into mechanical work. We have the understanding of your equipment to help you keep it running strong well into the future. Ask us how we can help.



Inspection involves a meticulous examination of machinery and equipment, assessing mechanical components for wear, alignment, and functionality to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and safety.


New Installations

Assembling and setting up machinery and equipment from scratch, involving precise alignment, connection of mechanical components, and testing to ensure the system is installed correctly and ready for operation..

fan blower

Pumps, Fans, Blowers

Servicing oil and gas fans, blowers and pumps is crucial to ensure their efficient and safe operation. Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdowns, extends equipment life, and ensures compliance with safety regulations.

Overhaul / Tools


Professional oil and gas overhaul services involve comprehensive equipment inspection, disassembly, cleaning, repair, and reassembly to ensure optimal performance and longevity while meeting industry standards.


Grout Work

From new grout pours to re-grouts; we got you covered. Services we provide: Equipment removal, Precision Installation, Concrete Prep, Pre-Grout Alignment, Grout Pours, Core Drilling, Planning and Execution.


Reciprocating Compressor

Efficient reciprocating compressor service involves thorough inspection, precision maintenance, and timely replacement of components to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and longevity in the oil and gas industry.

technical bolting

Technical Bolting

Specializing in precision bolting and torquing solutions, we have a trained staff waiting and ready to help.


Equipment, Sales, Parts

Providing specialized services for oil and gas tapping core, ensuring precise and efficient extraction of core samples to support exploration and reservoir evaluation processes.



We specialize in precision alignments and use top brands and technology, with years of experience to keep your equipment running smoothly.


Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

We strive to be a partner you can count on from planning to execution with industry leading services at a competitive rate. 

Decades of Experience

With decades of experience from new installations, to overhauls and everything in between our team of industry, leading craftsman have what it takes to keep your equipment, rotating well into the future.

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Industries Served

Oil & Gas Manufacturing
Petro Chemical & Chemical
Municipality Infrastructure
Power & Utilities
Food & Beverage

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We take pride in delivering unparalleled service excellence, setting the standard for quality and reliability. From the United States to overseas.

Equipment Serviced

We specialize in servicing a diverse range of cutting-edge equipment in the oil and gas industry, ensuring peak performance and reliability. Our expert technicians meticulously address each component, guaranteeing that your equipment operates at its best, meeting and exceeding industry standards.

Steam Turbins

We employ advanced techniques and industry expertise to meticulously service steam turbines, ensuring optimal efficiency, longevity, and reliability in the demanding conditions of the oil and gas sector.

Reciprocating Compressors

We deliver meticulous servicing for Reciprocating Compressors, employing precision maintenance techniques to optimize performance, extend lifespan, and ensure reliability in critical oil and gas operations.

Centrifugal Compressors

We deliver precision servicing for Centrifugal Compressors, employing advanced techniques to optimize efficiency, reliability, and performance in the oil and gas industry..


We deliver top-tier pump servicing, employing precision diagnostics and expert maintenance to optimize performance, extend lifespan, and ensure operational excellence in the oil and gas sector.


We employ a meticulous approach to servicing extruders in the oil and gas industry, utilizing advanced techniques and precision to optimize their performance and ensure seamless production processes.


We apply meticulous expertise to service mixers in the oil and gas industry, optimizing their performance through thorough inspection, precise maintenance, and adherence to industry-leading standards.


We deliver meticulous servicing for agitators, employing precision maintenance techniques to enhance efficiency, extend lifespan, and ensure optimal performance in various industrial applications.


We employ meticulous maintenance procedures, including thorough inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and precision alignment, to ensure optimal performance and longevity of blowers in the oil and gas industry.


Our gearbox servicing involves a meticulous process of inspection, precision alignment, lubrication, and performance testing, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity in the oil and gas industry.


We provide comprehensive conveyor services, encompassing meticulous inspections, preventive maintenance, and timely repairs, ensuring seamless operations and optimal efficiency for your industrial conveying systems..


We deliver exceptional fan service through precise inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and alignment procedures, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in the oil and gas industry.